Ready mEALS

Mondo Ready Meals are a variety of home made, oven ready meals and simply need to be heated in the oven and served! They come in a wide variety of options, which change throughout the year. Here we have just a sample of what is available at the store.

Cottage Pie.png

Cottage Pie

A well known sibling to the Shepard’s Pie, our Cottage Pie starts with a base of deliciously seasoned ground beef and gravy, along with carrots and peas. Topped with melt in your mouth mashed potatoes, made with real cream and butter! -$9.49


Layered with beef bolognese and topped with cream sauce and cheese, this home made lasagna is sure to please! It’s utterly delicious and packed with fresh tomato and ground beef, a perfect answer to a Friday night in! -$9.49


Chicken Curry.png

Madras and Tandoori Chicken Curries

Starting with chunks of real, white meat chicken breast and each seasoned to perfection, made with fresh peppers and tomatoes - our madras and tandoori chicken curries are one of a kind.

For a lightly spiced and tomato rich meal - try our Tandoori chicken, served with veggies and a side of seamed bismati rice. And for a spicier option, the madras chicken curry is perfect served over top of brown or bismati rice! -$9.49